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Troy Black Economy Bumper Plates - Free Shipping

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Troy Economy Bumper Plates - The Smart Choice for Your Gym

Troy's Economy Bumper will stand up against many others in the market but at a lower price point.  It's got all the great attributes of its higher priced competitors - a super strong steel insert, high density rubber and a reinforced center hub for the 10LB and 15LB bumper plates.

Stand Out Features of Troy Economy Black Bumper Plates:

  • Full One Year Factory Warranty on all bumper plates - 45's, 35's, 25's 15's and 10's
  • High Density Rubber Manufacturing means more bumper plates on the bar for heavy deadlifts
  • Low bounce helps you keep the load under control in small spaces
  • Extended center hub on 10's and 15's - stronger than others

 Product Specifications:

  • Prices listed include Free Shipping to Continental US
  • Other locations, please contact us for additional shipping costs
  • Prices are for pairs - two of each bumper plates
  • Diameter - ~19"
  • Sleeve Collar - Stainless Steel with 2" Inside Diameter
  • Fit all Olympic Style Barbells
  • Thicknesses - 10lb - 1", 15lb - 1.375", 25lb - 2", 35lb - 2.375", 45lb - 3" 

Most Popular Exercises:

  • Clean & Jerk
  • Snatch
  • Overheat Squat
  • Thruster
  • Shoulder Press
  • Deadlift
  • Back Squat
  • Sumo Deadlift High Pull
  • And more! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I Need a Full Set of Bumper Plates to Get Started?

  • Not at all.  Many home gym athletes start with a set of 10's, 15's and 25's then add heavier weights once they get the movements down.  Even with 10's, 15's and 25's you can load the a standard 45lb [20kg] bar with 145lbs which is more than enough weight to get you on your way.  Don't forget to add a set or two of smaller steel weights - 2.5lb and 5lb to add incremental weight to the bar.

Can I Drop My Bumper Plates From Overhead?

  • Yes!  Even the Economy Black Bumper plate can be dropped from overhead. Dropping with just 10's or just 15's on a 45lb [20kg] bar can eventually cause some wear on the individual plates so if you are going to routinely drop from overhead, we'd suggest having a pair of plates on each side of the bar for the smaller weights [10's and 15's].  Dropping with 25's or heavier weights isn't a problem, however.

Will My New Bumper Plates Smell Like Rubber?

  • Some manufacturing lots of bumper plates can have a stronger rubber smell than others but we very seldom experience it.  In most cases the 'new car smell' of your new bumper plates will dissipate with use.  If the odor is bothersome, we suggest a light cleaning solution of dish soap and warm water [~1 tablespoon per gallon].  Rinse and dry them off before use.

My Bumper Plates Came Delivered With a Greasy Film.  What Can I Do?

  • As part of the manufacturing process, bumper plate molds are sprayed with a release agent to break them away from the molds. Our manufacturers leave this light oil film on the plate to aid in protection during delivery and storage in the warehouse.  In some cases, some batches of bumper plates can have more film on them than others.  If bothersome, wiping them down with a cotton rag or using a light cleaning solution of dish soap and warm water [~1 tablespoon per gallon] will remove the film.


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