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Standard Weight Plates

standard-weight-plates.jpgThere's nothing quite like the old school feel and sound of steel weight plates.  For those that work compound strength movements like the deadlift or back squat over 400lbs they are a must.  Their high density translates to more plates on the bar and when it's time to max out you'll need the room.

And although you can't drop steel weight plates like you can bumper plates, they still remain a great value.  If your training is focus on slower, more direct and focused style movements like the shoulder press, bench press, squat and deadlift, steel weight plates remain the more economical choice.

If you're a die hard bumper plate fan, don't skip by the standard steel weight plate yet.  Many bumper plate manufacturers begin production with the 10 pound plate.  With this being the lightest bumper plate, standard steel weight plates in sizes of 5 pound and 2-1/2 pound are a must to round out your set.  Those smaller weight plate sizes are essential for making incremental weight jumps that can't be made with bumper plates.  So don't miss out on your next PR. Be sure to add a few pairs of our smaller plates.

And we've got a full selection of weight plates from throwback cast iron style to rubber and urethane coated.  Outfit your commercial facility or home gym with a set or two of these time proven strength tools.