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Squat Racks

The Squat Rack is the staple in any home or commercial gym and it can be used every day to safely work strength movements such as the back squat, front squat, bench press and shoulder press.  

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How to Choose the Best Squat Rack

There are two main styles of Squat Racks, each with their own advantages.  The Squat Stand style Squat Rack offers many of the advantages that a Squat Rack offers but at a more budget friendly price point.  Power Racks or Power Cages are a much more robust Squat Rack style that often have added features that are well worth the extra investment.

Squat Stand Style Squat Racks:

  • Budget Friendly - usually under $300
  • Lighter Weight - due to their more modest construction, squat stand style racks usually weigh in about 30%-50% less than Power Racks and therefore ship for far less. 
  • Mobile - can easily be moved around your gym or put away when not in use
  • Shorter Base - To save on weight and cost, squat stand style racks usually have a smaller footprint and therefore have a reduced base size.  This smaller size makes the rack still fully capable of supporting the downward load but some added care should be taken when moving a load into a rack.
  • Lesser Assembly Time - The smaller, yet fully functional squat stand style usually has less set up/assembly time which gets you training sooner.

Power Rack or Power Cage Style Squat Racks:

  • Higher Initial Cost - The Cage Style Squat Rack is built to completely 'contain' the athlete in a cage of steel and as such, all the additional steel comes at a higher price tag.
  • Increased Safety - The Cage which surrounds the athlete keeps the bar and the load all within the confines of the rack and affords the athlete a much easier and faster means to rack the load.  And the added steel framing significantly increases the stability and total allowable load of the Power Rack
  • More Load Points - Most normally, the Power Rack Style Squat Rack has many more load adjustment points for racking the bar.  These additional load points make for much greater ease of use and customizing for a better fit for any athlete.  These added load points also allow for a much great range of motion for the athlete either with a movement such as a squat or shoulder press.
  • Add On Perks - Almost all Cage Style Squat Racks come complete with a pull up bar at the top of the cage which is a great bonus for any athlete looking to get more use out of their investment.  Some Cages also come with Pulley Style Attachments that can easily turn the Power Rack into a Lat Pull Down as well.

 Training Guidelines:

  • Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe, 3rd Edition is one of the foremost publications on basic barbell training.  We'll include a free copy with any Squat Stand, Squat Rack or Cage Style Squat Rack.