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Lifting Platforms

weight-lifting-platforms.jpgWeight Lifting Platforms and Jerk Blocks are widely used in strength training programs.  We've taken these well known products and made them even better and more economical for you.

The Adjustable Tension Weight Lifting Platform - The use of resistance bands in barbell training for accomodating resistance has proven over and over to bring about some massive strength gains.  Our lightweight, affordable and easy to install platform makes a great addition to any commercial gym or garage gym setting.  Learn more about adding Accomodating Resistance into your training here.

Hammerhead Jerk Blocks - Until now Jerk Blocks have been designed to be built from the ground up and with only one purpose.  Our unique patent pending Jerk Blocks fit snugly on the 24" tall side of our 3 Sided Plyo Box. That means you buy less Riser Blocks to get the Jerk Blocks to the required height. And the bonded rubber surface on our top block makes for an excellent jumping platform too.  Used directly on the ground or nested on top of the plyo boxes, our Jerk Blocks do more for less.