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Have Weight Lifting Benches lost their appeal in today's fitness revolution?  We don't think so.  Whether it be a flat bench, incline bench or adjustable bench, the weight lifting bench has firmly planted itself as the mainstay in any strength gym.  And these commercial quality benches are some of the strongest in the market that will serve you well.

Great for use inside or outside the squat rack, the weight lifting bench isn't just for the Bench Press.  Here's a few ideas to put any of these benches to use in your Garage Gym or Commercial Facility.

The Shoulder Press - If you've ever noticed yourself or those you train flexing their knees or hips when shoulder pressing?  It's easy to involve other muscle groups when really pushing for that max effort.  And that comes into play when we're standing.  Performing seated shoulder presses however, completely eliminates any assistance from other muscle groups.  Want to isolate those shoulders and upper body?  The flat bench is key.

Bench Press - Undoubtedly one of the first exercsies that comes to mind when we think of the flat bench but there's so much more.  Paired with dumbbells, the flat bench makes a great platform for the bench press when working outside a squat rack.  Upgrade to an adjustable bench and now you can train from many angles.

Core Work - A steady bench provides a great platform to isolate your abdominal area for exercises like sit ups [rest the legs on top of the bench with your body on the floor], knee tucks [with hands supporting your upper body, move your feet from outstretched to tucked in toward your glutes] and leg raises [lying flat on your back and legs outstretched, lift the legs from below parallel to as high as possible and return to starting position]. More advanced movements like the L-Sit and Straddle-L are possible too.

Elevated Push Ups and Rows - The weight bench is perfect for increasing intensity in movements like the pushup and bar row.  And elevated Push Ups are a great way to bring Death by Push Ups [1-2-3-4-5... increase reps every round and perform within one minute on a continuously running clock] to a whole new level.