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York Bars

York Barbell manufacturers a wide variety of high quality affordable Olympic Bars for the Commerical Facility and Garage Gym.  

  • Split Sleeve Design Bars - York has a unique way of attaching the bar sleeve to the bar that is their own proprietary design.  The Sleeve will not loosen or detach.  And even the economy bars like the 32113 and 32114 have a very smooth rotation on the bar sleeves.
  • Shaft Thickness - Made in a variety of Bar thicknesses - 25MM, 28MM, 29MM, 30MM - The smaller diameter Needle Bearing Bars are perfect for use with the Hook Grip and the economy type bars - the 32113 and 32114 both come with 30MM shafts.
  • Chrome Plated - The Chrome Plating is not a characteristic to overlook.  We've seen York Bars that have spent years in the gym but still look great due to that highly protective coating.  And they are a snap to keep clean.
  • Time in the Industry - Founded in 1932, York has been in the business of manufacturing quality fitness equipment for Commercial and Home use far longer than most and it shows in their quality manufacturing and innovative design.
Any of these bars are an outstanding choice for your Commercial Facility or Garage Gym.  The Split Sleeve design coupled with high end bearings makes the rotation superior.  Couple that with top quality chrome plating and you've got a bar that will serve you well and look great doing it.