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Hammerhead Barbells

What bars take up residence in your gym is a serious decison.  They need just the right balance of price, durability, whip, shaft diameter, comfortable knurling, and sleeve spin.  And we are proud to offer a great selection of bars with the ideal characteristics many are after.

We've built our bars with just the right combination of characteristics at a great price.  And we've crafted each of them with just the right audience in mind - those that need a bar capable of handling serious loads such as the deadlift and back squat all the while having the finesse to perform superbly for olympic lifts such as the snatch and clean.  Our bars deliver both in spades.  And they're crafted right here in the USA.

Bar Specfications:

  • All Hammerhead Bars are made in USA
  • Perfect Shaft Diameter - 28.5MM for Men, 25MM for Women.  These shaft diameters are quite simply the most comfortable diameter to maintain the Hook Grip which is critical in lifts like the Clean and Snatch.
  • Dual IWF Markings - dual markings on both our men's and women's bars are there for a quick reference point for your lifts.
  • No Center Knurling - Rep after heavy rep of Cleans, Front Squats, Thrusters, Back name it.  Keeping the bar in the racked position is FAR more comfortable with a bar that has no center knurling.
  • Bright Zinc Coating - Superior and a safer alternative to Black Oxide, Bright Zinc offers better oxidation resistance for your investment and feels great in your hands.  It holds chalk well, too.
  • Bronze Bushings - We could write a blog post on this topic for sure.  There is a ton of buzz on this subject.  Bushings or Bearings?  We chose bushings for our bars.  And our bushings are solidly contained in the sleeves.  They provide superior rotation which makes repeated snatches and cleans easy on your wrists.
  • Strength - 190K Tensile Strength for our Men's Bar and 165K Tensile Strength for our Ladies Bar - super strong yet still has whip to help get that heavy load moving vertically.
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