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Barbell Collars

Every barbell needs a pair of collars and we've got three great choices.  If your workouts are mostly static movements such as the deadlift, squat and shoulder press, then spring collars are the most economical choice.  If you are performing high repetition workouts with bumpers then a more robust barbell collar such as the Hi Temp or the Muscle Clamp willdo a better job of holding the bumpers in place.

Our three choices in Barbell Collars:

  • Hi Temp Bar Collars - Ideal for those long workouts when the weight remains the same on the bar.  These collars are designed with recycled rubber that grips the bar sleeve like none other and drop after drop the bumpers stay in place.  No more readjusting and re-tightening the bumpers on the bar sleeves.
  • Muscle Clamp Collars - Also great for securing bumpers to the sleeve, Muscle Clamps have a non slip lining on the inside of the collar that protects the bar sleeve from scratches but also makes it slip resistant.  The quick release operation of these clamps makes adding and removing weight a snap.
  • Spring Collars - a great alternative to our other options, the standard spriing collar is an affordable choice that releases quickly and does an ok job of holding bumpers on the bar sleeve.  FOr long workouts where the barbell is constantly dropped, the bumpers can tend to shift after a handful of reps.  But these clamps are easy on the wallet.
  • York Lock Jaw Collar - The York Lock Jaw collar is the standard for barbell collars.  They are very secure and the quick release features are second to none!