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Bumper Plate Storage

Bumper Plate Storage

Bumper plate storage is essential for any gym owner.  First time clients not only look at the quality of instruction, location and equipment when making their choice in a gym, appearance and organization play a big role, too.

There are only so many burpee penalties you can hand out for athletes not putting equipment away at the end of a workout.  Having a well defined target for bumper plate storage not only helps get the proper sized equipment in your athlete's hands quickly, but also encourages them to take responsibilty in putting everything back where they found it.

  • Keeps bumpers organized by weight so they are easy to grab/put away
  • Maximiize the space in your gym for training versus equipment
  • Promote cleanliness and appearance of your facility
  • Move bumpers quickly and easily
Benefits of Storing Vertically:
  • Maximizes storage capacity in the least amount of space
  • Wide base and industrial casters make it easy to move to gather up bumpers post WOD
  • Removeable Center Pin makes it easy to pull bumpers off for use
  • Insert Pin when putting bumpers back in the dolley
  • Each dolley can store a different weight bumper to make selection easy and fast