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Rig Accessories


Our Pull Up Rack System by itself is a great addition to any strength training program.  The fundamental movements such as the pull up, the squat and toes to bar are always effective.  And you'll find yourself using our rack system every time you step in the gym.

To add even more functionality to your system, we've developed a lineup of accessories and options that open up even more movements to make the most out of the centerpiece of your gym space.

Pull Up Rack Extension Kits - In some gyms, ceiling heights stretch up so high that it is difficult to attach Gymnastics Rings and Climbing Ropes. Not only can the ceilings be out of reach, but renting the man-lifts necessary to reach those heights to attach these useful tools is expensive in itself.  To tackle this issue, we developed 3 Foot High Pole Extension Kits that easily extend the height of any of our pull up rack poles by three feet.

Single Bar Pull Up Bars - Although our Dual Offset Bars come standard and allow for multiple pull up bar heights out of one component, some choose to swap out the Dual Bars for Single Bars.  The Bar Muscle Up and Bar Pull Overs are great exercises to program and the Single Pull Up Bar performs well forthese exercises.

Wall Ball Targets - Another great accessory for the Pull Up Rack is the Wall Ball Target.  Avaialbe to mount at most any height from 8' to 10', the Wall Ball Target works well for any sized athlete.