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Gymnastic Rings

wood-gymnastic-rings-hammerhead-strength-equipment.jpgGYMNASTIC RINGS

Easily one of our top ten pieces for any gym and with good reason.  Gymnastic Rings are one of those fundamental strength training tools that are scalable to any athlete yet can challenge the most physically fit athlete.  When used with consistency and practiced with dedication, gymnastic ring training will bring some amazing strength gains.

And it's easy to put them into use right out of the box.  You can quickly hang them from a wall mounted pull up bar to perform movements like ring rows, ring dips or ring pushups.  Or, with one of our specially designed gymnastic ring hangers, you can set up a dedicated gymnastic ring station that will give you maximum overhead clearance for some of the advanced movements such as muscle ups, inverted hangs and levers.

Whatever your strength goals, gymnastics rings are one of the most versatile pieces that open up a great number of challenging, yet fun exercises that will keep you mentally and physically engaged for years to come.  Need a little more inspiration for what exercises you can do?  Click on our Wood Gymnastics Rings below for a list of our favorites.