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Climbing Rope

Climbing Rope is a fantastic supplement to developing serious pulling strength.The climbing rope is one of those intriguing, old school, 'we don't plug anything in here' equipment pieces.  And for the dedicated, consistent user, climbing rope is fantastic at developing raw pulling strength.  

For many new to the exercise, climbing rope can be a little intimidating.  It's a bit off the mainstream and let's face it, we're climbing vertically here at heights over 10 feet.  Although getting to the top is a great accomplishment, you're still only halfway done.

There is a technique to climbing rope and we've got some tips to get you started off right.

For those just learning the skill it is best to have 18"-24" of rope slack lying on the ground.  Having this slack allows you to get into the starting position with your feet on the floor rather than being under strain of starting midway up on the rope.

The secret to climbing rope for the beginner is in the position of the feet.  

Pinching the rope properly between your feet after each pull is critical to maintaining a steady anchor and avoiding unnecessary injury and rope burns.  Legs play a big part in keeping your body locked into position on the rope so you can move your hands up the rope as you climb.  If your foot position is wrong or unstable, the climbing rope will slide through your anchor which forces your arms to support much more of your weight.

To secure that anchor, the climbing rope needs to be sandwiched between the top of one foot and the bottom of the other as shown here to the right.  Once you're locked in, reach up with both hands and lock in at the top.

Now separate your feet just enough to let the rope slide through and lift your knees to your chest.  Once your knees are lifted, squeeze your feet together again to lock the climbing rope.

The hands are used only as stabilizers to keep your upper body in position as you lift your feet and re-anchor.  The rope climb is accomplished by pushing down with the anchored feet, then re-grabbing the rope with the hands.

Have an issue about hanging your rope?  If you don't have exposed rafters then it can be a challenge.  Our dedicated Climbing Rope Hanger is a great choice and we've also developed a Gymnastics ring hanger that comes with an optional climbing rope attachment to make hanging your rope worry free.  You get all the hardware from us too so it's super easy.

Check out our video below.