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Gymnastics is one of the most exciting sports to watch.  Athletes with some of the most chiseled physiques display great feats of strength, agility, coordination and balance.  And all of those skills they have aquired have come about through training with very minimal equipment.

Three of our favorite tools - gymnastics rings, climbing ropes and pull up bars - can bring about some amazing strength gains in the Garage Gym or Commerical Facility.  And anyone can train with these tools and many of the movements are scalable.  By changing the height of the gymnastics rings, or by adding a resistance band to the pull up bar, most any exercise can be brought within reach.

And our top three pieces don't take a lot of room in your basement, garage gym or commercial facility.  For those looking at something a bit off the mainstream yet super effective, gymnastics rings, pull up bars and the like are a great alternative to barbells, and heavy weights.