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Gymnastic Ring Hanger

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Simple to install, our gymnastic ring hanger will make a great addition to your gym.  And we've designed it from input we received from all of our customers who love to train with gymnastics rings.  First, we've oriented the strap cleats so that the rings will hang parallel with the body.  That's the best position for Muscle Ups, Ring Dips, Ring Push Ups and Ring Rows.  And we've now included all necessary hardware which means no trips to the hardware store for you.  Just open the box and go. 

Product Specifications: 

  • Made in USA
  • Tube Steel - 2" x 1" by 34" long, 14 Gauge
  • Strap Slides are a full 2" wide with a 1/2" round pin on the bottom - that keeps the straps from bunching up and riding smoothly
  • When hung, rings can be spaced apart in 3" increments, up to 27" as desired.
  • Three 1/2" holes are pre-drilled, at 16" spacing.- Allows you to hang rings when joists are 16" apart.
  • Three 3/8" x 4" long Lag Screws and Washers are included.

What are the Benefits of the Gymnastic Ring Hanger?

To take best advantage of every exercise that Gymnastics Rings have to offer, they've got to be mounted up high.  And that's where the biggest benefit of the ring hanger comes in.  Many gymnastic rings users hang their rings from their wall mounted pull up bar.  That's great in a pinch but there are some drawbacks.  The rings usually end up hanging too low to the ground to perform some of the more advanced and fun movements.

Install this ceiling mounted hanger system and now you can train the Muscle Up and Front and Back Levers, too.  There are even more advanced movements and gymnastics ring routines that can really add a spark to your training.  String together a few movements like the Muscle Up, Ring Dip, L-Sit and Skin the Cat all from your new Gymnastic Ring Hanger.

Is the Ring Hanger Hard to Install?

Not at all.  We've designed and manufactured our Gymnastic Ring Hanger to fit virtually any existing garage or basement ceiling system.  We've predrilled [3] 1/2" diameter holes 16" apart.  That spacing matches most local codes for ceiling joist spacing.  So even if your ceiling is covered with drywall or has exposed studs, you'll find that our ring hanger holes will line up perpendicular with your joists.  And, we've included ALL HARDWARE so there's no trips to the hardware store for you.

What Tools Do I Need to Install the Ring Hanger?

Chances are you've got all the tools you need right at home and if not, we'll bet your neighbor does.  Here's what you'll need to mount our ring hanger in the ceiling of your garage or basement.

  • Stud Finder - If your ceiling is drywall, you'll need a stud finder to locate the wood studs.  The Ring Hanger must be attached into existing wood studs or it won't hold you!  Get a stud finder - don't guess where the studs are.  That's important!
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Tape Measure or Yardstick
  • Electric or Cordless Drill with 1/4" Drill Bit
  • Crescent Wrench or Socket Set w/Ratchet

Ok - I've Got all the Tools, Now What?

  1. Choose the best location that gives you the best overhead clearance and the best chance of not having to move the rings once installed.
  2. [Exposed Joists can skip this step] You will want to install the Gymnastics Ring Mount over three studs if at all possible.  That means that you need to use your stud finder to mark three studs.  Normal building codes require floor joists spaced every 16" and our Ring Mount has three mounting holes spaced 16" apart to make mounting in floor joists easy.  Mark three studs with a pencil.  Keep the three marks all in the same straight line. [Use that yardstick]
  3. Hold the Gymnastics Ring Hanger tight up to the ceiling to verify that the marks you just made coincide with the holes in the mount.  If not, double check with your stud finder the location of the studs.  If your studs are not spaced at 16" on center, you can mount the rings all on the same joist, so rotate your installation 90 degrees and mark the stud in three locations, all 16" apart.
  4. With your corded or cordless drill and the 1/4" drill bit, pre-drill each of the three holes.
  5. To make installing the lag screws easier, wipe the threads of each screw with bar soap so that some of the soap sticks on the threads.  It's easiest to hold the screw pointing away from you and scrape the soap in the direction of the screw.  Do this two or three times to each screw.
  6. If you've got an extra pair of hands [wife, husband, brother, etc] now's the time to get them.  Have them hold the ring mount in place while you ratchet in the first bolt.  Make sure you put the washer on before you screw it in.  [All that hardware is included with your purchase!] It makes no difference which lag screw goes in first but do NOT tighten it all the way.  Leave an inch or so gap between the ceiling and the ring mount.  Leaving the gap will help you ensure that the next two bolts go in the holes you just pre-drilled.
  7. Install the second bolt the same as the first.  Leave that same gap between the mount and the ceiling.
  8. Install the last bolt.  This time ratchet it all the way so that the ring mount snugs up to the ceiling.  You don't need to over tighten so that the drywall buckles.  Imagine you've got a piece of paper between the ceiling and the ring mount.  You want to tighten it just enough so that the paper would not come out if you pulled on it.
  9. Install your gymnastics rings on the newly installed hanger with the rings really low so that you can step in them.  Test out each ring by stepping into the ring while hanging on to the strap for support.  Shift your weight up and down with small jumps to test the mount.  Repeat on the other ring.  Then get back on the step stool or ladder and inspect the ceiling and mount to see that it is secure.  If you secured it into the three studs then it's super solid and will last you a lifetime.  If you noticed that the mount is pulling away from the ceiling - STOP and relocate the mount.




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  1. Gymanstic Rings Holder

    Posted by Unknown on 1st May 2014

    This is a heavy duty piece of equipment. I have the latest version with adjustable hangers. I mounted in my garage and since the rafter joists are 24" on center, that is how I mounted it. I could have gone parallel to on joist, but based on how I wanted to setup my area, I went across at 24" over two mounting screws. It is very secure. I may decide in time to mount a 4"x4" piece between the joists where it is mounted and pop a couple more lag screws in, but for now, it is plenty secure and I am 160lbs. I looked at this one vs. the Rogue design, and I just like the looks of this one better, along with the warranty and support.

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