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Gym Timer

the-gym-timer.jpgThe Gym Timer has certainly revolutionized the sport of fitness.  Most commonly used in track and field to time distance runners and sprinters, the advent of use of the gym timer in strength training circuits has not only proven to be effective at bringing high levels of fitness, it's also fun!

Any standard strength training program can lose it's luster after a period of time.  But add the element of a timing sequence to your program and you will notice the difference.  Not only will timing your programming add interest, you will now have yet another mark to measure your success and improvements.  By repeating your favorite workouts week to week and recording the results, you'll now have a whole new set of personal records to beat time and again.

Five Great Gym Timer Timing Sequences:

  • Count Up - The most simple of timing patterns yet even turning the time on to see how quickly you can move through your workout will add intensity and engagement.  This is most popularly used with two to three exercises performed in a set number of rounds.
  • Count Down - Set your timer for 10,12 or 15 minutes and grind through your program.  Either prescribe one long workout or a shorter version that you'll continue to cycle through until the timer stops.
  • TABATA - This timing pattern normally consists of a series of 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest and has been used by olympic athletes and coaches wordwide.  This seemingly simple yet greatly effective timing sequence is best used for quick movements such as pullups, push ups, kettlebell swings and gymnastic ring dips.  Compound, heavy weighted movements that take more than 4 seconds to perform don't fit as well into this sequence.
  • EMOM - Set the timer at count up or count down and Every Minute On the Minute cycle through a set number of thrusters, deadlifts, or kettlebell lunges, etc with a low enough number of repetitions that will leave you rest time until the next minute begins.  Once that new minute comes around, cycle through again.  This program works well with heavy, compound strength movements with low rep counts.
  • The Ladder - Similar to the EMOM, the ladder workout has the gym timer set to Count Up with each minute triggering a new round of movements.  The ladder workout begins with 1 repetition the 1st minute, 2 reps the 2nd minute, 3 the 3rd minute and so on.  The Ladder style workout is great for most any movement such as Box Jumps, Burpees, Pull Ups, Ring Muscle Ups, Squats and more...  Once you can't complete the prescribed number of reps in a round before the minute expires you're done.  This timing pattern seems simple at first but once you've got a few rounds in it gets interesting fast!

We feature a two great gym timers that fit well into any fitness program and both are able to run all the timing sequences listed above.  Bring a new challenge into your training program.