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Slam Balls

The ball slam exercise is always intense.  Whether you are throwing it against a wall or pounding it into the floor, it's never done gently and that means your equipment needs to be up to the task.  Many manufacturers of medicine balls outlaw the use of their product for slamming so the slam ball is the perfect to use for this super intense and effective exercise.

Our ball has a tough rubber shell that is nearly impervious to whatever you can throw at it.  And the sand sealed within the shell gives the ball a dead bounce when slammed so you have to get low to keep picking it up.  That's a good thing.  If they ever feel flat, just pump them up with a little air from a bicycle tire needle.

But the slam ball isn't just for slamming.  It's a great multi-purpose piece of equipment that you can use differently every day of the week and more.  Think outside the box with the slam ball and re-invent your training routine.

  • Wall Balls - Throw it at a target for wall balls
  • Pushups - using one ball or two for instability
  • Catapult Situp - slam it against the wall as you sit up
  • Kayaks - move the ball from left to right as you hold your feet off the ground
  • Thrusters
  • Overhead Squats