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Resistance Bands

resistance-bands-for-pull-ups-and-more.jpgResistance bands are one of the most useful and popular tools in strength training and mobility work that every athlete should own.  They are lightweight, travel well and can be incorporated easily into any training program.  The resistance band has gained most of it's popularity through the assistance it can offer for pull ups and chin ups.

One slight variation in how we use the resistance band for assistance however can have a huge impact on it's effectiveness and in it's variety of assistance that it can provide.  Instead of looping the band overhead, stretch it between two parallel barbell hooks in your squat rack or pull up rack as pictured above.  

In this position it is much easier to move on/off the band and changing the amount of assistance is easy too - just raise or lower the barbell hooks.  Additionally, if you position your squat rack under a set of gymnastics rings you can now use that same method of stretching the resistance band between the barbell hooks to provide assitance to ring dips, ring muscle ups and even the iron cross.