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Outfitting your commerical facility with the right barbells is key.  It's tough to anticipate who will walk through your door each day so you've got to be prepared.  And since barbells are going to dominate your programming, you'll need to look at your barbell purchase as an investment in your gym's growth potential.  it's important to not only be cost conscious, but also to be mindful of performance and longevity.

What are the characteristics of a barbell that make the differ?  There are a few characteristics that distinguish one barbell from another and here's a quick guide to help you decide.

Performance - To get the most out of your future barbell, plan for it to be suitable for all the movements that your athlete's need.  Back Squats and presses demand one style, but adding the clean, jerk and snatch to your programming can require a completely different choice.  The spin on the sleeves of the barbell determine how safe it's going to keep you and your athletes.  The clean, jerk and snatch Olympic movements require substantially more arm, shoulder and wrist movement than the static movements such as presses and dead lifts.  That extra torque and rotation requires a barbell with hgih quality bushings or bearings to keep that rotation on the bar sleeve smooth and free.  The Hammerhead Bushing Bar series was designed specifically to be an all purpose performance bar to allow programming of any barbell movements.

Shaft Diameter - The thickness of the bar shaft is also a very important factor in determining the success of a lift.  A comfortable grip for men and women alike is important with high rep counts in your programming.  Many manufacturers increase or decrease this thickness to vary the whip and strength of the bar.  Thicker bars [30mm, 32mm shafts] are more budget friendly but have far less whip and some bars are specifically manufactured at 25mm to be more comfortable for ladies.

Coatings - From bare steel to zinc or chrome plated, coatings are one of the personal choices that a lifter can make. Coatings on both the shaft and sleeve can be the same or can vary into what is called a Hybrid bar.  Some lifters like the hand feel of a bare bar but want the rust protiection on the bar sleeves.  The bare bar provides no oxidation resistance and must be lightly oiled from time to time while the chrome plated bar is heavily guarded from rust and needs no oil.

Choose from York Barbell and Troy Barbell Bars below: