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Climbing Rope Hanger Attachment

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Hanging your climbing rope just got a lot easier.  For garage and basement gyms with hard ceilings or exposed floor joists, our gymnastic ring hanger has been a popular choice for mounting gymnastics rings.  Now, we've added a climbing rope attachment for that hanger system that allows you to hang gymnastics rings and a climbing rope at the same time. 

The climbing rope attachment installs on your existing ring hanger easily without having to remove it from the ceiling.  We include all hardware to get you up and running in minutes.  Just add the rope climb attachment with two bolts and nuts [included], slip the eye splice or metal loop of your rope in between, then secure with the 3/4" thick clevis pin.  You'll be climbing in no time.

Product Specifications:

  • 100% Made in USA
  • [2] Gusset Plates and [2] 1/2" Bolts and Nuts included
  • [1] 3/4" Removeable Clevis Pin with retainer clip included
  • Fits climbing ropes up to 2" thick
  • Requires the Gymnastic Ring Hanger or Adjustable Ceiling Mount system be purchased first

Note: Did you know that rope climbs build amazing pulling strength and core strenght that translates into other movements like the pullup, muscle up and toes to bar?

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  1. genius

    Posted by Karen on 4th Sep 2015

    This is an ultra strong attachment. It's actually heavier duty and larger than it appears in the picture. It feels like it will hold up anything. I actually purchased the climbing rope hanger to hang a single point aerial hammock, aerial silks and an aerial lyra hoop at home. The climbing rope hanger attachment is the perfect size for hanging the necessary carabiners for aerial fitness equipment and each apparatus can be changed quickly and easily.

  2. Must Have!

    Posted by Matt on 23rd Jul 2014

    This works out awesome in our garage gym. Too many times I see a rope attached to a rafter by a single point (eye bolt). This gives me a good warm fuzzy now when I do rope climbs and muscles ups knowing that this solid piece of steel is lagged into multiple rafters.

    Well made product and kudos on being the only company I have found that even makes a product like this!

  3. Great multi-purpose piece for small boxes

    Posted by Jeff Lawshe on 4th Nov 2013

    First, some additional installation specs on this: there are a total of five holes available for mounting. Three of them are spaced exactly 16" apart, so the mount can span three standard joists (it is not recommended to install the mount lengthwise on one joist). The mount is 1" deep.

    We have 3/4" drywall on our ceilings, so the 3/8" lag screws I picked were 4" long. This gave me about 2" of grab (minus 3/4" for the drywall and 1" for the mount). Consensus among the people I asked was that this should be ample given that the mount spanned three joists, and longer screws could be difficult to drive straight into the joists (especially since I had to use a stud finder to locate them).

    Also don't forget to pick up fender washers. (Mounting hardware not included).

    Regarding the mount itself: I love the new design. I had my rings on a pullup bar before. It is a huge improvement for the connection points to be spun around, especially if you're fumbling with bands to scale a movement in the middle of a metcon: this mount puts the rings right where you want them to be. I especially appreciate having an all-in-one ring and rope mount, since my box is in a one-car garage. Such a great idea, and as far as I know, Hammerhead is the only vendor that's designed a piece like this.

    The only thing you'll still need to think through is some sort of system for getting the rings and rope out of the way when you're not using them. I store mine in a couple of bike hooks, and retrieve the rope or rings with a long-handled broom.

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