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Bumper Plates

Our bumper plates selections below are extremely durable for both the home gym athlete and the commercial gym owner.  Bumper plates are a great solution for the athlete looking to train with Olympic Style movements such as the Clean & Jerk and Snatch as well as all of the other static movements.  We've got great selections and pricing on bumper plates for your gym below.  As always, Troy Economy Bumper Plates, specifically for the home gym athlete ship free to the CONUS.

Choose from our selection of bumper plates and storage options below:




What is a Bumper Plate?  

Bumper plates are manufactured very differently from steel weight plates.  To start with, you'll notice that all bumper plates are the same diameter no matter the weight.  10LB, 15LB, 25LB, 35LB and 45LB Plates are all exactly the same diameter ~ 19", the only difference between these sizes are the thickness of the plates.  Unlike normal steel weight plates, bumper plates are constructed of a mix of rubber and polymers designed primarily for olympic type barbell movements such as the clean and jerk and snatch.  Those who train these movements are working with loads nearing their max and having bumper plates on the bar allow the athlete to drop the bar while it is still off the ground.  If the bar was loaded up with steel weight plates, dropping while the bar is off the floor would result in damage to the bar, the weights and the floor.  But the rubber bumper plate design is the safe alternative that protects equipment and flooring from damage since the shock of the impact is absorbed into the plate.

Why Should I Invest in Bumper Plates over Steel Weight Plates?   

Other than the materials used in construction (steel vs. rubber), the major notable difference is in the thickness of the bumper plates.  Being constructed of rubber, bumper plates are made to be much thicker than their steel counterparts to have equivalent weight.  A 45lb steel plate may measure in at 1" to 1.5" thich whereas the bumper plate comes in at 3.5" or more.  That added thickness is what makes it weight the same, helps absorb the shock of impact on the floor and keeps your equipment safe.  Bumper plates, because of their durability against impact allow a different type of training than steel plates could allow.  And the Olympic Lifts such as Cleans, Jerks and Snatches have proven to bring about big strength gains.

Can I Drop Bumper Plates Repeatedly?  

Yes.  Bumper plates are made super durable, designed with drops in mind.  So, dropping the bar when it is weighted with bumper plates is acceptable and common.  There is a limit to how much abuse a bumper plate can take, however.  We suggest moderately light bumper plates such as the 10lb and 15lb plates should not be dropped from shoulder height or higher, especially with only a single bumper plate on the bar.  The thicker 25LB, 35LB and 45LB bumper plates are much more durable for dropping.  The more weight on the bar, the more impact can be spread across all bumper plates so if you've got multiple plates on either end of the bar then your bumpers will be much more resistant to wear.

Is There Anything Else I Should Buy With My Bumper Plates? 

Since bumper plates are not manufactured in weights below 10lb, it is very important that you be sure to add a few sets of small steel weight plates when ordering.  Having those 5lb and 2.5lb steel plates on hand is essential for loading the bar to many of the incremental weights you will want.  With only bumper plates in your gym, the smallest increment you can add on the bar at a time is 20LB which equals two 10LB bumper plates.  Grab a few sets of 2.5lb and 5lb steel weight plates and now you can add many, many more different total weights on your bar.