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Starting a gym or looking to expand your current facility? We can help hammer out the details. We will help you out with everything you need to gear up for your first WOD— and then some. And the best part: it won’t involve a lot of heavy lifting. We do one thing and we strive to do it better than anyone else: guide you to the exact gear you need to reach your goals—whether it’s starting a garage gym, building your first box or just adding some new pieces. Ready to put the hammer down?
Click here to see why gymnastic rings are key.
Staff Pick!

Gymnastics Rings

Increasingly popular in commercial gyms and home gyms alike, gymnastic rings are among the most effective strength tools in the market. Their inherent instability challenges beginner and advanced athlete alike.

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Whether you are opening a box like we just did, building a garage gym, or simply adding equipment to what you have I strongly recommend Hammerhead. Everything from our rig to our jump ropes are great & the service you get through them is outstanding. Steve has been a huge help to me & I know he & the rest of the staff will be just as helpful to you. I couldn't be happier with my purchase & to have Hammerhead equipment in Crossfit The Tracks!
Casey A. - CrossFit the Tracks
I can not thank Steve and Matt enough for helping make the opening of our CrossFit studio seamless. When I spoke with Steve about the overall plans for our Box, he developed an equipment package that was perfect for us, delivered the items as promised and kept everything well within our budget. All of the equipment that we have received from Hammerhead has been of the best quality. Especially the Hammerhead CrossFit bars…...They are amazing and worth every penny! As if all of this was not enough the customer service aspect of Hammerhead has been everything you would expect from a company that cares about their customers. “Steve and his team of people are amazing! They always were quick with a response and very helpful. I love our hammerhead equipment and will continue to be long time business partners and friends with this company!
Kristin C. – The Pack CrossFit
The owners of Hammerhead Fitness, Steve and Matt, are “salt of the earth” types. They will do right by you. They have demonstrated to me several times their commitment to placing the customer’s needs first. As the owner/head coach of a box, their are no greater qualities for a gear supplier to have than honesty and reliability. Hammerhead Fitness has both in spades.
Robby Dinero, Athletes Unleashed Hammerhead is the way to go!!” -Mark Kline, TFL CrossFit
I recently opened my own CrossFit facility in Chesapeake Virginia. Out of 15 or so prospective suppliers, Hammerhead Fitness was among the first to actually pick up the phone and call me personally (the company owner no less) respond immediately by email, provide me a quote with options and lastly offer genuine counsel as to my build out and equipment requirements. Their equipment is on our and in some (most cases) exceeds the build quality of some of the other leading supply and manufacturing companies. Their customer service is top notch, lightning fast and without flaw; as is their support system long after the purchase has been made. If I had to build out again, I would save myself the time of quote hunting… and I won’t hesitate to recommend them to any existing or prospective gym owner who needs equipment. They are without equal.
Mike Cleavas, CrossFit Njord